Certifications & Patents

Our technology is nationally certified

Sustainable Development Goals


No Poverty

Votem has been continuously volunteering for welfare of orphans and senior citizens living alone both in financially and physically. Especially, CEO Kang Moon SEOK has been participating in the ‘Good Company’ project which helps underprevillaged children since 2011 and donated a total of more than 100 million won to join the ‘honor society’. 

Good Health and Well-Being

Our goal is to achieve universal health coverage for all including access to safe and effective patient monitoring systems by managing financial risks and continuously developing high-quality technology.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Votem has been selected as a ‘Good Company to Work For’ more than 6 years for its firendly working enviromnet. Votem is continuously hiring new employees every year and paying attention to employees’ welfare such as overseas group vacation (Swiss, Italy, Boracay etc)

Partnerships for the Goals

We have partner companies in more than 80 countries which share the core value of  “a company that contributes to society, a technology that contributes to humanity” . This was possible because we provide good maintenance such as constant software upgrades, free training, etc. We hope to share same value to create virtuous impacts on our world. 

The leading company through the value innovation

Founded in 2007, VOTEM has focused on the activities to satisfy customers’ needs through the value innovation. 

VOTEM leads the medical industries by carrying out multiple product research and clinical studies with various national universities and institutions establishing and maintaining the quality system in accordance with ISO13485 and Medical directive, 93/42/EEC.

With the experience of exporting products to more than 80 countries VOTEM is expanding its global partnership to share its company philosophy; prosperity and well-being of mankind in the world